Language Development

Is your child not talking as much as his peers? When should you be concerned? So many people ask these questions. I hope this chart will be helpful if you ask yourself these questions?

Before we look at the chart, let’s discuss a few terms. When a speech pathologist evaluates a child’s language, we will talk about comprehension and expression. Comprehension is how we refer to the way your child hears and understands language. Expression refers to how the child communicates and what he says. Another term your speech pathologist may use is “speech intelligibility”. This refers to how well people understand your child’s words.

The following information is based on typical language development. Some of the information found here is gathered from the American Speech Hearing Association and Hanen. For more information about child language development, click on the links above. If you have concerns with your child’s language development, please contact a speech-language pathologist. Research consistently indicates that early intervention is best.

Lang Dev chart


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