Apps on my iPad


Isn’t the iPad (and smart phones for that matter) the best thing ever? Since I use my iPad in therapy sometimes, I often have parents ask for app recommendations. These are apps that I have on my iPad. They are not known as THE BEST out there. They are just ones that I personally like to use. This list is a combination of apps I use in therapy as well as at home with my preschooler and kindergartener. I hope you find this useful. I am always looking for fun apps. I would love feedback on your favorite educational apps too!


Articulation Station – I like that this one has both flashcards and a matching game of real photos. You can record responses and keep data for correct production of the sounds. It comes with /p/ sound. You have to purchase other sounds. It’s easy to use.

ArtikPix – This also has flashcards or a matching game with drawings. You can record audio or video as well as keep track of correct responses. It comes with a few sounds but you have to purchase other sounds.

Phonics Genius – This has a word list for any sound or combo of sounds imaginable. This app is great if you just need a list of words for specific sounds.

Speech Sounds – This one is a bit pricier but it’s good for teaching how to make the sounds.

Webber Photo Artic – This is more detailed for therapy. You can change the cueing that is used. It has cute games. It comes with /b/ sound. You have to purchase other sounds.


Phonics Vowels – Choose the correct sound that goes with the word you hear.

Phonics Lite (22learn) – Match sounds with letters.

Howie Word Family – Games with sound groups (short vowels, long vowels, r’s, etc)

Bob Books Lite – 4 different levels to prepare for reading

Bugsy K Read – Cute, outer space game with different letter and sound games

Ollie’s Handwriting – Can work on sounds or words.


Name Things – Cards that say “Let’s name things…that are cold” etc

Little Finder – Identify the picture of the object that is named. It is a fun game. You can play two player.

Who Am I? – Guess animal from given clues

See Touch Learn – Identify objects named or described. This has some free photos but there are lots you can add on.

Actions – Photos of actions. I use this one a lot to work on pronouns, verbs, and describing.

Super Duper Cirriculum Apps (PreK-K, First grade, Second Grade, Third Grade) – Choose a deck of cards per subject then chose multiple choice, decoder, matching, or drag-n-match.

PRC Core Words – Shows an animated scene that describes a commonly used word (help, more, eat, play, etc)

I Like Books – Simple books about different topics (trains, cats, dad, etc). I use these books for vocabulary, describing pictures, using verbs, topics of interest. They are also great for early readers. You can choose “read to me” or “read by myself”.

iLearn apps – I have a few of these apps. They are fun and offer good practice for language skills. The Nutrition game is good for categorizing. The Seasons game is good for problem solving and categorizing. You can purchase additional add ons for these apps.


Touch the Sound – Touch the picture of the sounds you heard (truck’s horn picture of a truck)

Picture The Sentence Lite – A sentence is read aloud then you chose the picture that matches that sentence.


Fun With Directions Lite – Cute illustrated directions. There is a full version that you can purchase.

Lexico Cognition – Good practice for specific directions (right/left, large/small, etc). This one has add on that you purchase.


Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr – Short animated clips that are followed by a short quiz. You can choose a topic like social studies, health, science, etc that the movie will be about.


Emotions – Have fun with a giraffe, zebra, or sheep. Dress them up, do funny things to them, see how they react. This is a very silly app.

Social Express – Animated social stories in a movie form. Pauses during the movies allow kid to think about how the character feels and what they should do. They offer good examples of coping strategies for different feelings. GREAT APP!

Autism Emotions – A reality story told by a child with real photos. There is a story for happy, sad, proud, and calm.

Digital Problem Solver – Made by same as Social Express. You choose an emotion then a coping strategy. It plays a scene to go along with your choices. I like the music after the scenes.

Between the Lines Lite – Listen to an audio clip or watch a short video then determine how the person feels or what the person is thinking.

Emotions – Chose the picture that goes with the emotion named.


First Phrases Lite – Say a phrase with a visual cute given, then say the phrase without a visual cue. An animation is given after response. I also use this for recalling sentences.

Rainbow Sentences – Love this app. You can choose different levels. It gives you an illustrated scene. You put words in order to form a sentence about that scene. You can record the child saying the sentence. I also use this one for recalling sentences.

Story Maker – You draw pictures, insert art, or insert photos into your story and record your story.

Sentence Builder – A sentence is read. You put the words in the correct order for the sentence you heard. You can also create your own lessons for the child.

Speech Journal – Upload pictures. Record a story. Watch your movie. This would be a great app for parents to use because parents have access to photos of their kids. It would be a great way to make a story about a vacation.


Wordventure – Fill in the blanks with the type of word call for (verb, adjective, etc).

Verbs with Milo – I love this app. A cute little mouse does different actions. The child names the action verb.

Using I and Me – cards for practicing I and Me

Irregular Verbs – Fill in the blank with the correct verb

Shake a Phrase – For teens and up. Work on vocabulary, expanding sentences, grammer.


Idioms – Lists idioms you can learn or take a test

WH Questions (by Super Duper) – purchase individual decks of cards

What Word Is It? – Guess the word by picking the first letter of every word pictured given.

Elementary – You add on the subject you want. I have Language Arts for Grade 3. There is writing, reading, research & reasoning, vocabulary, and communication.


Doodle Dots – Good for identifing shapes, colors, food, or numbers

Elmo’s ABC – Good for learning letters and sounds

Abby Train – Good for identifying animals and colors

EduPlay – I love this app for my preschooler. Match shapes, Find what’s different, Find hidden objects, Puzzles

Monkey Lunchbox – Another fun preschool app with lots of games for learning colors and letters


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