Language Group at the Park

The temperatures are dropping. The leaves are falling. The weather is beautiful. It’s a perfect time for some language fun in the park.

What better book to use for an outdoor language group than Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert! This book is so creative and fun. It is great for predicting, learning new words, retelling, and imagining.

This was our language group this week. My little group of boys had a lot of fun. I think they were just so excited to get together outside of the therapy room…but I’ll pretend it was the book. We read the book, gathered materials to make our leaf men, made “leaf man”, and did a leaf rubbing.
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The boys made some really cute “Leaf Man” creations.
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If you want to do this at home but don’t have the book, check your local library. Here are my tips for using the book. You can find tons of ideas and activities on Pinterest too.

Before you read the book, get your child thinking and imagining. What do you think the book will be about? Who is Leaf Man and where did he come from? What will he do?

While you read, ask questions. Where he will go next? Talk about words that may be new to your child (marsh, drifting, meadows, etc). This website has great vocabulary cards to go along with this book as well as other good ideas and activities.

After you read, see how many animals and things Leaf Man saw while he traveled. Why did he move? What was their favorite part of the story? What would you need to make a leaf man?

I printed out a cute leaf rubbing sheet from Lakeshore Learning’s printable worksheets. I apologize. I can’t find it now. You can use any sheet of paper though. Just place a leaf under the paper. Use the side of a crayon to color over the leaf until you see the picture of the leaf.

Read, explore, create and have fun!


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