Free Apps For Autism Awareness

going blue april 2
For Autism Awareness, I wanted to share some free educational and special needs apps. There are tons of free or discounted educational/special needs apps today and this week. I haven’t used all of these apps so I can’t go into detail about them. They are worth checking out though. Some of these are only free today so check them out as soon as you can.
rainbow sentencesspeech with milo
Here is a list of the ones I do use and love:
The following two I use for working on following directions, listening skills, and concepts.
Fun With Directions Lite
More Fun With Directions Lite
Picture the Sentence Lite – This app is great for kids to practice listening and picturing what they heard.
The next two apps are great for social language.
Between the Lines Level 1 Lite
Between the Lines Level 2 Lite
Toca Band – Okay I just downloaded this app today. I LOVE every Toca Boca app I’ve ever downloaded! They are very motivational.
Speech With Milo: Verbs – I use this app in therapy quite often.
Rainbow Sentences – This app is a GREAT app for working on formulating sentences correctly, describing pictures, and imitating sentences. only $3.99 today

These apps I haven’t used but they look like they would be useful.
Functional Communication System
Functional Planning System
Picture Card – Can You Do It?
Sorthings For Autism
Discovering Emotions With Zeely
EZCOMMA – This one is probably best for older kids working on grammar.
Sequences For Autism
Sequences For Kids
Feed Maxi – $.99 I have heard only great things about this one.
Conversation Builder – only $3.99 today
Talk + Touch
Sound Swaps – $4.99 This app is good for children with dyslexia or those working on phonological awareness.
Social Stories – $.99
Visual Routine – $.99
Starring Me On Wheels On The Bus

These are stories for teaching good morals or habits:
Even Monsters Get Sick – $.99
Axel’s Chain Reaction – FREE
Listen Up Bear – FREE
Sheldon’s Adventure – Cornered! – FREE
Sheldon’s Adventures – FREE
The Terrible Taunting – FREE – This interactive book teaches that everyone is special in their own way.

These would be great for fine motor activities:
Cursive Touch and Write – $.99
Wood Puzzle Maze – FREE

Thank you to Mary and Smart Apps For Special Needs for sharing some of these apps on twitter and your blog.

The ladies over at Smart Apps For Special Needs compile wonderful lists of free and discounted apps every week. I highly recommend you check out their blog and follow them on Twitter.

If you have any apps you love to use at home or in therapy please leave a comment to share with everyone!


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