Why Does My Speech Pathologist Send Homework?

Does your speech pathologist give homework? I do. As a parent, I also understand how hard it is to add one more thing to our day. If your child is in school, I’m sure they have a ton of homework as it is. Adding a task that requires even an extra 10 minutes a day can seem very overwhelming. So why do speech pathologists send homework when we know you already have busy schedules? Our goal is for your child to progress and master (or finish) their goals as quickly as possible.

Homework/home practice is critical for progress to be made whether your child has language, speech, or fluency disorders. There are times you may be asked to do more work than other times. When practice is carried over at home, we tend to see much more rapid progress in therapy.
If you struggle to find time to practice at home, ask your therapist for ideas you can do to make homework less stressful. Be on the lookout here for an upcoming post about carryover therapy during daily routines and car rides or using school homework to also work on therapy goals.


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